Start-up Visa Program of Canada


If you are an entrepreneur with an innovative business idea, you may be eligible to immigrate to Canada through the start-up visa program. Canada is looking for talented entrepreneurs that are interested in starting businesses that will stimulate the Canadian economy while creating employment opportunities for its residents.

 Advantage of Start-up Visa Program

  • No minimum Net Worth requirement;
  • No Investment;
  • Any Businessman and Self Employed Can apply;
  • Processing Time 12-16 Months;
  • Scope of application for Temporary Work Permit (includes spouse and children) while already applied for Permanent Residence (Processing time 1.5 to 3 months);
  • No age limit;
  • CLB 05 in English;

From Now on ILCB will process the Start-Up Visa Program. For further information, please call ILCB 01711638734, 01819268198, 251056786, 251056787.